• This gallery has pictures of our relatives in Germany.  Please  click on the picture to enlarge.


  • Diese Gallerie hat bilder von unseren Verwanten in Deutschland. Bitte auf dem bild clicken um zu vergrössern.



EntenFamilie_2.jpg (25552 bytes)  

  • Marko & Regina, Nina: Wedding Picture in front of their home in Gladbeck Germany.

 Entenfamilie_1.jpg (40873 bytes)  

  • Marko, Regina, Nina, Michelle in the garden in Maastricht

German Family_1.1.JPG (43382 bytes)  

  • Anne & Norberts wedding: Almost all have gathered in front of the "Stadtambt" in Gladbeck Germany to celebrate this great moment.
    (from left to right: Björn, Connie, Peter, Thorben, Anne, Andy, Norbert, Robert, Marcel & Doris).


Anne&Norbert_1.JPG (30684 bytes)

  • Anne & Norbert have said Yes! Meet Anne & Norbert Reiners!

Andy&Michelle_1.JPG (32096 bytes)

  • Andy & Michelle in the Garden of Anne & Norbert in Gladbeck Germany.
    Michelle is the daughter of Regina and Marko.

Andy-Tara-Nina_1.jpg (47718 bytes)

  • Tara, Andy and Nina at the pond Anne's garden.

Gladbeck_1.1.JPG (34876 bytes)

  • Bridging the world!!! Marko, Regina, Nina, Tara, Andy, Peter & in the background Anne, Doris & Michelle! Germany, USA, and Holland United!

Gladbeck_2.1.JPG (31211 bytes)

  • Sheltering from a scorching sun! It was a warm day!

Michelle&Zwerg.jpg (43490 bytes)

  • Michelle and a "Garten Zwerg". You can tell she loves posing for the camera already!

Michelle_1.JPG (27226 bytes)

  • A more "official" portrait of Michelle.

MICHELLE_2.1.JPG (27485 bytes)

  • Another Nice shot of young talent!

Nina&Michelle_1.1.JPG (37832 bytes)

  • Nina & Michelle hiding from the sun. Sister portrait!

Nina&Michelle_3.jpg (28000 bytes)

  • Another shot of sisterly joy!

Nina&Michelle_4.jpg (25776 bytes)

  • Another one? Will it ever stop? Nah......, they are too cute!

Nina_1.JPG (25052 bytes)

  • Nina pretending to be a famous popartist. Wearing ray-bans not to be recognized. Well, did not work. Gotcha!

Nina_Melon.jpg (18920 bytes)

  • Who said you could eat with your hands. Mind your manners! Isn't this a shot?

Tara&Michelle_2.jpg (23016 bytes)

  • Tara & Michelle having a great time. Especially Tara!

Tara,Andy&Anne_1.1.JPG (28806 bytes)

  • Those were the days. Sadly Anne passed away in may 2000. We will miss her dearly.

Nina in Maastricht_1.jpg (29645 bytes)

  • Nina having a great time in my bed in former home Maastricht.

Nina Posing_1.jpg (29811 bytes)

  • Dinner is served!