Here are some pictures from family made during the vacation in may 1999 in Germany and Holland.


  • Standing on the bridge over the pond in Anne & Norberts garden in Gladbeck Germany.

(from left to right: Anne, Doris, Michelle, Nina, Tara, Andy and last but not least Peter)



  • Nina, Tara and Michelle in Gladbeck Germany



  • Tara and Norbert in Gladbeck Germany


  • Regina, Marko, Nina, Andy, Peter Anne, Norbert, Doris and Michelle on the bridge.

  • Nina and Michelle laying in the garden in Germany. It was a hot Day!!



  • Andy & Tara


  • Hans & Ine (former neighbours), Peter & Doris on the terrace at Home in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Andy&Anne Amsterdam 99_1.jpg (22326 bytes)

  • Andy & Anne in Amsterdam enjoying a cup of real coffee!

Andy&Anne_1.jpg (26796 bytes)

  • Anne & Andy sitting on the terrace in the garden at home in Maastricht.

Dinner at Kurris_1.jpg (44531 bytes)

  • Dinner at Hans and Ine Kurris. Their son Kamil was not able to resist his dad's cooking art. Great meal. Great neighbours too!